監督:Kenshi Robert
脚本:Kenshi Robert メトロノリ
出演:ひかり(メトロノリ)、清水将吾、立岩那奈、畠山邑星、畠山那南、濱野夏耶(The Gateballers)
タイトルデザイン:Adriana Ramić

東京在住の映像作家・アーティストのKenshi Robert が監督をつとめる2楽曲のMusic Video。
2018年-2019年はパスカル・シストとのコラボレーションでWicca Phase Springs EternalのVideoなどを製作。

Kenshi Robert is an artist living and working in Tokyo, who has interest in the transformative power of marginal pop music. He collaborated with artist Pascual Sisto on videos for GothBoiClique cofounder Wicca Phase Springs Eternal between 2018-19.
To the Squeaking of Cars is a music video set out to be assembled from the residue of an activity — of amassing footage for a short film about listening, searching, labor and separation, which blends reality and fiction. The script is a collaboration with Metoronori. Title design by Adriana Ramić.

Director: Kenshi Robert
Screenplay:Kenshi Robert, Metoronori
Cast: Hikari(Metoronori), Shogo Shimizu, Nana Tateiwa, Kaya Hamano(The Gateballers), Yusei Hatakeyama, Nana Hatakeyama
Graphic Design: Adriana Ramić